Unlock Your Cycle's Potential: Discover the Blueprint to Revive Your Health & Vitality

Are you tired of feeling out of sync with your body's natural rhythms? Join us for a transformative journey to reclaim your menstrual health.

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In this FREE masterclass you'll learn:

  • What is happening during the 4 phases of your cycle

  • What your body is trying to communicate with you and how you can start listening to it

  • What a healthy cycle actually feels like (Spoiler alert: it's not PMS, painful periods or cyclical acne)

  • The step by step blueprint I teach my clients to revive their cycles

  • How to live in tune with and optimize each phase of your cycle so you can make it your superpower

Unlike other solutions, we address your body as a complete system, healing from top to bottom.

Your health isn't fragmented, and neither should be your approach.

I've had debilitating periods my whole life and the only options I was ever given were "go on birth control" or "just deal with it". I thought that I would suffer for the rest of my life! But after getting support from Nicole, I can confidently say that not only are my periods pain free, but I've actually improved my business and relationship with phase syncing.

I used to hate my cycle, now it's a source of empowerment for me! I feel connected, in control, and finally know how to care for my body.

- Cynthia V.

Guided by an expert in Holistic Menstrual Health

Hi! I'm Nicole! As a trained holistic nutritionist and women's health specialist, I've helped over 475 women like you find balance and empowerment with The Sync Society Academy. Our online community of 1 million + women stands as a testament to the impact we make.

Together, we'll dive deep into the root causes of your health concerns and heal from the top down.

With certifications in food & nutrition, female hormone health, cycle tracking, herbal medicine, and ongoing education, I bring a wealth of knowledge to your journey and help you sift through the sea of generic solutions that don't take your cycle into account.

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Transform My Life!

"I could never have imagined how much better my life got by bringing attention to my cycle and living in tune with it. I can't believe how little we've been taught but how powerful we can be! Thanks Nicole! I'm sending all my friends your way!"

- Anastasia K.

"I would totally lose it and get really wild mood swings every time I was about to get my period. It was seriously messing with me and my relationships....It's actually mind blowing how simple it was to sort out my PMS and now I'm feeling way more confident and in control!

- Margot L.

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